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Galapagos Airport

If you want travel to the Galapagos Islands, there are two airports in Galapagos where you can land: in Baltra or San Cristobal Island. The airport you choose will depend on your activities you plan to do in the archipelago and the number of days that remain there.

Galapagos Ecologic Airport (Baltra)

The Baltra Island Airport is the busiest airport in Galapagos. This island, also known as South Seymour, served as a basis of the US Army during World War II, and when they left the islands the airport become part of the Galapagos domain. Baltra Airport was recently remodeled and became the first ecological airport in the world. The Baltra island is located north of Santa Cruz Island, the most popular of the Galapagos, and is separated from it by the canal Itabaca . To get to Santa Cruz, you need to take a bus from the airport to the pier to cross the canal in a barge Itabaca (this trip takes ten minutes). Then in Santa Cruz, take a taxi or a bus to Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz capital and most populous city in the islands.
galapagos airport
Galapagos Airport - Baltra Island
If your plan is to stay a short time in the archipelago  the Baltra airport is the most recommended, because Santa Cruz Island is more central, which is a benefit because many boats leave Santa Cruz  to visit the other populated islands. In addition, Santa Cruz has a better hotel infrastructure, and a greater variety of restaurants and shops. The day trips to other islands like North Seymour, Plazas and Bartolome also leave from Santa Cruz.

San Cristobal Airport

If you are looking for peace and you want to disconnect from everything, you should choose the San Cristobal Airport. This island is the capital of the province of Galapagos and the closest to the mainland, but, unlike the capital of Santa Cruz, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, the capital of San Cristobal is a quiet town without much nightlife. This is much easier to relax and enjoy the beauty of the archipelago. In addition, San Cristobal is an ideal place for surfing, so if that's your plan, is perfect to reach this island. The San Cristobal hotel infrastructure is not as good and plentiful as the Santa Cruz, but has very good hotels, and it is cheaper. If you are taking a cruise, arrival at the airport in Galapagos depend on the itinerary.

galapagos airport
San Cristobal Airport
 You can reach the airports in Galapagos from Quito or Guayaquil. If you come from abroad just to visit the Galapagos, it is best to reach Guayaquil, for almost all flights to the islands calling at this city. Airlines operating flights to Galapagos are Tame, Latam and Aerogal.

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